Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mandala Of Friends

Some questions have come up regarding my requests for material for my "Mandala of Friends" project. This is something I am making for my upcoming exhibition in August 2010. The base is a large circle of canvas about 54 inches in diameter. To this I plan to attach objects which family and friends contribute - something which represents in your mind something about you or something which represents our relationship. Some things which have been given to me for this are a small work of religious art, a photograph and a poem written by a friend about a dream I had. These are great and fully meet the idea I have for the project.  I am hoping also to receive some three dimensional objects as well, as these will add texture to the finished mandala. Although I have a year to work on this, my best work isn't rushed and last minute - which is why I am appealing for all to begin to give this some thought. As I will be in Athens and in Ann Arbor in the fall, I can carry some things back with me if anyone wishes to give me something in person. I am actually hoping to gather material from all over the world! Love and Peace to all.

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