Friday, June 4, 2010

6/4/10 Cityscape

Perhaps the most intentional and at the same time serendipity of my drawings so far. As soon as I painted the twin moons silver I knew it was a cityscape.  I slept for hours this afternoon. And I made a ton of Beef stew. Couldn't find my crockpot. I hope I didn't give it away - I actually like having a crockpot. So I used up the rest of the potatoes - always a mistake to buy 5 pounds at a time - or however much the bag was.  Maybe 5 Kg. Used up some monster big carrots, and a huge onion and the stew beef. Good seasoning too - I'm right proud of my beef stew. Put two large containers in fridge and one in freezer and still had some for Riley. 

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