Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bite Me!

I am having a day. Chose to stay home with my grief. I am feeling the loss of Barb and Sal from my life. And Marti and Mary Anne, both of whom have died in the past few years. I feel like I have reached the age when my friends start dying one by one - who's next - it could even be me - God knows my cholesterol is high enough. The doctors make me feel like a walking time bomb! But then I think that age should not be reached until my 70's and 80's and God willing my 90's. I actually do want to live to 100. Everybody's gotta have one consuming ambition, yeah? And I have so much art yet to make. I have to use at least SOME of the stuff in my "spare bedroom" to justify it's existence! At the same time wanting to divest myself of as much of the clutter as possible. Especially want rid of that china cabinet! It is so huge and useless in my scheme of things. Now that the eye surgery has been moved up I think I will wait until after the first eye and then put it on Craig's list. Surgery next Tuesday!

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