Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Circus

Getting familiar with the new camera. When I get the software to enable me to download to computer I will try taking photographs of journal pages - right now I am using the scanner and getting that shadow on the left margin where the spiral binding is. Also with the camera I won't lose bits that are too big for the scanner. After many years of enjoying playing around with the scanner as camera I am coming head first into its limitations! I will also start getting better photos for etsy.

Today I proved myself possibly certifiable: I have a little stick blender thing - no base and jar and all - just a blender on the end of the rod. Hold the button down and it's on, let go and it's off. So I was blending up some black beans and egg and tomato paste to add to some burger and it got all clogged up. This happened yesterday when I was making hummus and I just cleared it out with my finger, which is what I did tonight. However I forgot to unplug it first and I blended my left pointer fingernail. Wow! It still hurts a lot. Still seeping a little but not bleeding enough to get stitches. But I am sure I am going to lose what's left of the nail. I just hope it grows back. I am vain about my hands.

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