Saturday, July 3, 2010


Well, still struggling to see and to get any work done. I have finished drawing on every page of this journal. Since the alcohol inks bleed through I can't draw on both side - or I don't want to with this journal. Maybe the next one. So I want to collage onto the backs of the pages. Started today but didn't finish one page yet. So here is a photograph taken in the cemetary of moss - altered in photoshop. Interesting effect. Today was ATCs and I had a good enough time. Felt bad about the simplicity of my cards - and yet liked how they looked. Afterwards went to Tim Horton's with some of the group. That was fun. It used to be Tim Horton's and maybe Wendy's? Now it's Tim Horton's and an ice cream place. Expensive - but really really good!

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