Tuesday, August 31, 2010

After Their Fashion Makeover

These lovely beauties have just had TV Fashion Makeovers. Aren't you jealous?

Today I had an ultrasound of my hip to determine if I have bursitis and then injections of numbing stuff - I call it Novacaine but something else actually - then injections to the area of Cortizone. Interesting that the numbing worked sufficiently that I could not feel the needle insertion for the Cortizone, and then there was a sensation of an incredible electric shock throughout my right hip. It was briefly very painful, then again and again. Then it was over and Tammy and I went and took down our show. It was awesome to have Tammy and her husband Mark help with carrying heavy totes downstairs from Gallery and upstairs to my place. THANK YOU TAMMY AND MARK!!!!!

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