Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dog & Friends

Had a really good day today. Called and got the info for bus trip to Seattle, and called Jean to confirm things. Finished the albums covers and sent scans to Jean and Nora. It was a lovely sunny warm day, and I enjoyed walking Riley. We met two large dogs on our morning walk, and the larger of the two barked to invite Riley to play. Riley replied with his "I'm secretly a Rotweiler/ Pit bull cross" bark, and the huge dog hid behind his lady owner's legs!!! Got to visit with Nellie and her owner and Laddie and Edna. Good news her sister is feeling better and home from the hospital. I am so very glad. Tomorrow is bead club and I am taking the albums for show and tell. Thinking about also taking some of my favorite necklaces. And wearing at least one of them myself. My perky little dog reminds me of Riley, although not an exact likeness of a Shih Tzu!

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