Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mother of Twins

I had a great day! Tammy gave me a ride to Dr. Hyams for injections at some trigger points - lower back and left knee. Then to Langley Farm Mkt for mostly fruit - while it is still fresh fruit season. Also got avacados, and some potatoes for potato salad with the pickled cauliflower!!!! Then to Sure Copy for art work for the album cover, which came out great. Then to Save on for a Rx for some anti inflammatory cream for my feet. But I had to pay for it - I must remember to ask him for Rxs covered by Pharmacare. Also got some dog biscuits and yogurt. Then home to put away the groceries and collapse for awhile. This evening I was in quite a bit of pain in my left lower leg and my lower back - I will ask tomorrow if that is normal after trigger point injections. This evening was the new episode of Parenthood - such a good show! Next week most of the new fall programs start.

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