Sunday, October 3, 2010

After VCON

Well, Tammy and I drove to Richmond to pick up out art and we had some success. I sold one beaded evening bag and they kept one for the auction. If it sells all to the good and if not I'll get it back when I get paid. Then we started trading with other artists. Tammy sold some prints and cards, and made a trade with a ceramic artist for a wonderful figure, and I traded with a book artist, Debra, for one altered book and one hand made book for my beaded mer-woman, and Tammy traded partially for Debra's altered box purse, and partially money. The books are lovely. The hand made book is a blank book so I want to get up the courage to draw in it. I think we both felt rather successful in this our first venture into VCON art show. I certainly made more money in one weekend than in the whole month of my art show in Maple Ridge.

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