Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Glasses!

I got my glasses today. I am not sure who reads only blog and not facebook, so here it is: I can see so clearly now! I did not realize how much the cataracts were affecting my vision. I know I had difficulty reading words on TV and reading street signs from much of any distance at all - but now I can see everything so clearly, it is amazing. I remember getting my first pair of glasses and seeing that those reddish buildings were made of individual bricks, and every leaf on the trees stood up to be counted. This is like that. Back then because I was congenitally nearsighted I never knew what I was missing, as I had never seen in focus. This time it was so gradual it really crept up on me. And then today the whole world just burst into focus - colors are brighter and everything is sharper. Riley, of course, is oblivious to it all.

New thing here at my little condo village: someone organized a weekly drop in social get together for coffee and conversation in the clubhouse. I went, as did about 15 or 20 other women. It was just so amazing to get together with my neighbors. I am delighted that someone else organized this. It's really cool.

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