Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Geometrically Correct

Today I finally made it to the Senior Crafters. Had a pleasant time. Made a few social overtures and was not ignored or rebuffed. Had a couple of women come over to look at what I was crocheting - a baby afghan with kind of some wild colors - and they commented on liking the colors!!! I am amazed. Mostly baby things are done in baby yarns with pale baby colors. This has a bright orange center and some bright blue and shades of purple and violet. Way cool. Dropped off my prescriptions on the way home. Millie called around 8:30 and she is going to the Okenogen on this Friday instead of Monday, so I am getting the car on Friday. I called Doug and asked him to try to get his boat out by then so I can park in my slot. I have already asked him to move his boat about two weeks ago. Spent the rest of the day taking pain pills every 4 hours and sitting with a heating pad on my back. Called the doctor's office to ask if this is a normal reaction to the Trigger Point Injections and was told if I can't stand the pain to go to my doctor's office and get a pain shot. Of course I CAN stand the pain. I can always stand the pain. I am just tired of being incapacitated by the pain and having such a bad reaction to something that is supposed to help with the pain!

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