Friday, February 18, 2011

My First Dragon

I have collected dragons since my son was in high school, at least. I have never drawn a dragon before today because I didn't think I could. This is a bit primitive and is too close to the left border, but I am actually quite thrilled with my first dragon. I can only get better!

My friend Laurie called this evening and she and her husband Rob are giving me an absolutely awesome birthday present. I ate by fiber concoction with yogurt and grapes for breakfast. I went to Dairy Queen for lunch because the one nearest to Dr. Hyams office advertised $.99 hamburgers. But I went to the one nearest to my house and they didn't have the .99 special. By that time I had gone past the point of no return - I have been craving a hamburger for months. Nothing I fix at home measures up. For supper I had the same fiber concoction and yogurt. For bedtime I had an apple and peanut butter. Suffice it to say I was not up to par. I had a lot of pain and have thought I was getting depressed but didn't want it to be true. So today I just bottomed out with pain and depression. Almost unable to more. The good news is that I went to the pain class at Dr. H's and the only other person in group came over after group and gave me a big hug, and her phone number and email address. Wow! That helped. I still can barely pick up Riley's poop, and walking him is an agony. But it is good that I have him or I wouldn't get out of bed. And he is so loving.

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