Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alice and her Tattooed Girlfriend

I made spaghetti sauce yesterday and instead of my usual herbs I used Turmeric and Cumin and Asian hot sauce - with a Rooster on the plastic bottle. Wow! What a difference - and really good too. Riley absolutely loves it.
Today I visited Faye and she made an aduki bean salad. It was awesome! I haven't cooked aduke beans since I was married to Danny and lived in Carpenter, Ohio. They are so delicious! I am definitely going to make that salad! Her partner made an apple pie for my visit, which was so nice of him. And it was great! He added oats to the whole wheat crust which was terrific.
I have to make ATCs tomorrow! I was going to make them today but the visit to Faye was so important to me, and we just talked and talked.


  1. Hi Ann! I just met you yesterday at my first ATC swap, it was great fun. I loved seeing all of the different styles, it was a great inspiration. Everyone had such great artwork, I look forward to coming again. Cheers - Rhonda

  2. Hi Rhonda! It was great to have you join our group. I am delighted that you have checked out my blog. I rarely know if anyone does. Hoping to see you again at ATCs. Ann

  3. HI ANN I WAZ HERE>>>>>>>BRENDA :))