Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Day of Art

Today my neighbor, Flo, and I went on the Art Studios Tour. We only got to 5 places but one was the Maple Ridge Art Gallery, where there was a huge exhibition of Pottery. Some really nice pieces! All other studios were in artist's homes, and again, we saw some very nice art. We had lunch at Organic World, and it was good. I enjoyed my day with Flo. I started out by walking to my doctor's office to get a renewal Rx for one of my meds, getting it filled and walking home. Then I was coming down my stairs to meet Flo and my clog shoe slipped off and my right foot slipped down 3 steps. I caught my weight on my left leg, which is the one I have been having such terrible muscle pain in. Really gave another muscles a stretch. It was a ten on a scale of ten for a few minutes. Wow! So I just sat on the step I landed on until I could move. It calmed down to an 8 or 9, and Flo drove up, so I got up and got in her car. Had the keep both feet on the ground and sit in the car then slowly pivot around, lifting my left leg into the car. I should have iced it right away, but I really wanted this day out! And I had a grand time and was truly very careful of my leg. I can walk without the cane but am using it as a precaution while it is so painful. I did ice it when I got home. Also have more lower back pain - no doubt from the fall, just that the torn muscle was so excruciating I didn't notice a little wrenched back!!! So off to bed.

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