Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Celebration of Women

You can have a gaggle of geese, a pod of whales, a pack of wolves or a covey of quail. I now present you with a celebration of women! I hope you like my newly coined meaning for an existing word, and my own celebration of women!

Today I printed a lot of stuff from the "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" newsletter which I had downloaded, and almost all of a digital magazine which I accidentally ordered when I meant to order the paper version. I cannot sit at the computer for hours reading a magazine.

I ran out of ink about 10 pages before finishing printing the magazine. Now I am trying to decide whether to buy ink locally, new cartridges, refilled cartridges locally, new cartridges online, or figure out how to refill my own cartridges.  Anyone feel free to weigh in on this.

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