Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guardian Angel of the Studio

So today was May Day and a more beautiful day has never been. After the rotten cold cloudy rainy sleety cruddy weather, today was warm and radiant! Jean and I tried to watch "Black Swan" on her laptop and it kept quitting, and she had to re-start then start the movie back at the beginning, and s l o w l y "fast forward" to the place we were watching. After a couple of times we bailed and went out on the town. Jean took me out to lunch and we went to the Pantry (I think) and had most excellent salads. Then we returned the DVDs and went to London Drugs and I looked at printers while Jean did some other shopping. I picked out a less expensive Epson Printer. Came home and Jean headed back to Seattle and I settled in to draw and "watch" TV.

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