Saturday, May 28, 2011

Painted Boxes: Quilt II

I have been busy in the studio as well as lots of extra walking. This last injection of both hips was just amazing. I have almost no pain at all in my hips, and consequently, my knees seem to be better as well. Today I doubled our morning walk. Took a shower and washed the dishes, and walked over to McDonald's where I got a wonderful Tai salad for 50% off! Then to Save On Foods to pick up a couple of Rx refills. On my way home I stopped at the computer store, because I thought there was a refill cartridge place near there, but they told me it had moved. Walked on home. For our afternoon walk, which is usually a token walk to the main box so Riley can pee, we walked all the way to 207th. Then this evening we just doubled our usual walk. It is so amazing to be able to do all this walking. It is like the summer before I came here when Jock and I walked all over Ann Arbor. I had forgotten how much I love to walk!

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