Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm a Star!

Beautiful day! I went to the strata coffee hour which was fun and lots of laughs. I got a word in edgewise which was quite an accomplishment! But I told a funny story and got my share of laughs! This is the most positive group in the complex!

Took Riley out back and my downstairs neighbors were having a family party and they were very nice about my "intrusion" and introduced me to her  2 brothers and one bro's wife.

I called Laurie and asked to borrow the drill bit I knew she had as we used it a lot in taking apart the big sofa, and she offered to bring it over after they had dinner. Then she called to say Rob would stop by with it, and he came and screwed the legs from the old sofa onto the new small sofa.

Still have a way to go before I can claim the living room and craft area as useable and relaxing. I have a huge box of records which I cannot move, and obviously need to pack them into 2 or 3 smaller boxes, which I do not have. It would be worth it to create a list of every record I have and send it to Judy and have her let me know which ones she actually wants, but it seems like a lot of work right now.

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