Saturday, June 18, 2011

a sleepy day

This fibromyalgia is really the pits. I went yesterday to a lecture on chronic fatigue syndrome. Apparently the main difference between the two is that with CFS fatigue is the major symptom and with fibro it's the pain. But there's fatigue and loss of energy with fibro. After the beginning of the lecture I couldn't keep my eyes open. Basically I dozed off and on for the rest of the hour.

Today I had breakfast and napped until 3 p.m. then had lunch and tried to read for awhile but just fell asleep. Around 5 or 6 I woke up and turned on the TV and at 6 Riley and I had supper. Oh, and I walked Riley between naps and meals. Very short walks but I must say that if I keep the walks short the hip pain is bearable. Riley is getting fat and I am very concerned about it. I really think that for both of us the answer is more exercise. If only my hip would ease up.

Last night my fridge was running for a long time and louder than usual. I was just terrified that it was going to be dead in the morning. I moved some things away from the fan area. It seems to still be working. Another worry - lions and tigers and bears - oh my!

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