Monday, July 11, 2011

Lines in Space

Millie and I took Riley to the Vet today to make sure all is in order for going to the States later this month. He had some shots to update his immunizations, and has gained almost 3 pounds since February of last year. So no more people food and cutting back on dog treats.

We had a nap after we got home, then I got up and had lunch. Riley didn't join me, which is unusual. Later I went to the front door and fiddled with his leash - adding more poop bags. Still no Riley. Very unusual. Finally I called him  - twice - and went to look for him. He was just standing in the door to the bedroom. I said let's go for a walk and he walked very slowly, limping a little, toward me. I leashed him and we walked out into the hall. Riley just stood at the top of the stairs looking down - then he sat down. I thought he had a tremor in his hind quarters and maybe his leg fell asleep - like happens in a movie. Anyway, I carried him down and out onto the grass and he wouldn't walk at all. His doggy friend downstairs came out and I carried him over to Buddy, but he still wouldn't walk. By now I was terrified, and I left him with my neighbor and went upstairs and called the vet, then called friends until I found someone home who could give us a ride to the vet.
Laurie gave us a ride and I carried him into the vets. The vet said it was just sore muscles from the injections, and to apply ice for 20 minutes and keep him inside until tomorrow evening.

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