Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a day in the life of...

an artist, mother, grandmother, chief cook and bottle washer, and more! This morning I went to the Koffee Klatch here at the strata clubhouse, which I am coming to really enjoy, as I get to know and be known by the women and today, one guy! I found out that there is a Friday afternoon happy hour behind Judy and Ian's and everyone from the KK is invited, so I am going this Friday afternoon! This afternoon I went to the Fibro Support Group, which is also growing in that today there were three men and four women. At first there were only women and then one man would come and maybe not come back because there weren't any other men. So this is also a good thing, although I am quite content if there are only women!!!!
Anyway, this evening Gaby called me, which was really nice. We had a terrific chat. She tore her achilles tendon dancing! That must be very painful, but how she did it is really cool!!!

I have only the tiniest twitch of discomfort in my right hip. I have mostly no back pain, occasional neck discomfort - mostly related to trying to carry on a conversation with someone beside me. I am running out of groceries and tonight I broke my diet by heating up some stale tortilla chips and opening a can of refried beans and mixing in some salsa. Not on my diet - corn chips and beans. But I am having trouble getting to sleep because I am so hungry. I just have to space out my grocery money week by week, so I have money the last week for groceries - meat, fish and eggs for protein and veggies for bulk. I am even out of canned tuna and down to 4 eggs to last until Sept 3. I have one cooked chicken thigh and two frozen ones, some cooked fish left over from last night, one frozen sausage (the big kind) and a package of frozen breakfast sausages. Also some pasta sauce and a can of diced tomatoes, so I can have spaghetti on rice noodles and still not be eating wheat even though I will be eating carbs. I have part of a package of frozen green beans - had some tonight and they were awesome good! I have a whole package of frozen corn which is actually a grain and not a vegetable, but I may eat it anyway. I have three boxes of frozen spinach and two large cans of saag. I am not about to starve but very light on the protein. and FRESH veggies.I do have a huge unopened jar of peanut butter, and although nuts are on my diet I think peanut butter not so much. I have about 1/3 of a jar of almond butter which is on my diet and I took a bunch of stale almonds and made Tamari Almonds and they are quite good. So I am spending a lot of energy and time and thought to working out my end of the pay period diet! And that's a day in my life!!!

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