Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Here are some more hummingbird cards I made with friend Laurie G.

 Hummingbird 2. All the hummingbirds are cut from an old scenic calendar. The backgrounds, where used, are also from the same calendar. The leaves and flowers are cut from decorative papers. I like the crazy juxtaposition of the bird cut from dark forest greens and the mountain.
 Hummingbird 3. Another one I like - the bird is cut from a dried grassy fiels.
Hummingbird 4. This is another bird cut from my paper made from run off from painting on small bits of paper. It has a really nice quality to it.
 Hummingbird 5. This is one of my favourites. I think the scene was a boardwalk on a sandy beach. I really like the linear quality.
Hummingbird 6 - cut from a red barn - I really love this one.
 Hummingbird 7. The oval is cut from snowy trees - another crazy juxtaposition.
Hummingbird 8. The green wreath is pretty cool. One of Laurie's die cuts.

Hummingbird 9. The paper for the bird is from using paper as a back ground when painting small pieces of paper. This background paper catches the run over. After a period of time it becomes a piece of art in itself. The oval is another winter foliage scene. Somehow it just works for me!

I hope you enjoy looking at my cards. I sure have fun making them.

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