Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Small Kindnesses:

It was wrenching moving from the States to Canada alone with my dog, leaving behind all my friends and my arts community. My daughter-in-law took me to an event called "Art in the Swamp", a rather campy event including all kinds of off-the-wall artists, held on a farm with boards laid down to navigate the mud between buildings. There she introduced me to Gaby who has been my artist friend for 10 years now. Through Gaby I met many other artists here in my community. One year there were a series of tremendous poetry workshops with a local poet-in-residence, Elizabeth Bachinsky, and Gaby took me to them, enabling me to continue to grow as a poet while I made art.

I will always be grateful to Daniela, my daughter-in-law, for taking me to this event, and to Gaby, who opened up my world again after the transition.


  1. thank you for sharing - I found this inspiring!

    1. Thank you Freya, I do appreciate your comment.