Saturday, May 15, 2010


I got more done on my etsy store yesterday (5/14/10) uploading 5 necklaces and 2 eyeglasses holders - the strings you use to hang your glasses around your neck. These are beaded and quite nice. I am taking a break today from working directly on my store, and just spent a long time emailing everyone I know and have an email address for about Mandala of Friends, Etsy store, and this blog. So far as I can tell no one has even looked at my etsy store.  Next I am working on more jewelry for store - I had some great ideas while I was looking at my own jewelry yesterday. I am tired at night and going to sleep earlier and getting up a fraction earlier as well. I am very excited about the etsy store and hopeful I will be able to pay off my credit card and make enough money to get my cataracts taken care of. 

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