Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15, 2010

I just remember how much I like grids - maybe offset a bit. I have some sales coming in and good news all around. Not everyone appreciates mass emails but that was just the only way I could do it and reach so many friends.  I am seriously thinking about getting rid of my kitten. She is mean and bites and /or scratches me every time I try to pet her and also almost every time she gets on my lap - mostly scratching my legs when she jumps off - ouch. I have been waiting for her to mature but the biting has actually gotten worse. Meanwhile I live with all of my thread hidden in shoe boxes and my toilet paper in a closed coffee can so she won't shred it. The other night she shredded my phone list. Good thing it's saved, but now I have to go and update it and print it out again.  I can't bear the thought of taking my dear friend Barbara off my phone list even though she died several months ago. I think this pretty much constitutes as a rant! 

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