Friday, May 21, 2010


Jackie came over and gave me a haircut - first one I haven't done myself in over 2 years. It looks nice. I used some of the money from Blue Fairie. Jackie has a deal for seniors $10.00. Laurie and I went to Be Creative for a demo. It was fun as usual. I got the check from Doris today in the mail in a terrific Dragon card! 

Tammy's friend is coming from Surrey to take Hannah on a trial basis. One of her 2 daughters used to be allergic to cats and they are hoping she has outgrown it. The other daughter as I understand it really wants a cat very badly. I hope it works out. I know that when Dethe brought the kids at Christmas Mina played with Hannah the whole time they were here. It worked out well because Azlen played with Riley the whole time. It may have been the best visit we had since they moved to Vancouver! But I cannot have turmoil in my art materials for a once a year event.

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