Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today Tammy's friends came for Hannah. They ended up going for lunch then over to Tammy's to hang out until I finally captured her. After 2 failed attempts, she was beyond wary. I finally lured her out with the yummy rich yogurt she loves, and popped her into a pillow case and snugged in the pillow case I put her into the cat carrier. I left the pillow case in the carrier. Small price to pay. I feel freed up from the constraints of an active kitten. I put out a roll of toilet paper with no fear of shredding. I left the toilet lid open. I opened my bedroom door. I got out a crochet project. I searched through the tote with all my yarn projects and found where I had hidden the dolls I bought to bead. I can start another Fairie - maybe a Red Fairie!

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