Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today was the yard sale at the strata complex and at Be Creative. In my spaced outedness, I signed up for both and had to scratch my name off the strata one. So I spent some long cold damp hours standing on a concrete slab and sometimes sitting in a hard folding chair. I took Riley and he was very good. Also I held him on my lap for awhile which kept me from being as cold as I might have been. There was some free stuff and I bought some stuff from others and after packing up my car I bought 6 pan pastels at Be Creative. I am excited about playing with them. I think tomorrow is a day off though. I took the Wizard and the button brooches and the photo pins I had. Wed, Thurs and Fri I made 7 pairs of earrings and 17 bead necklaces for the sale. I sold one button brooch for $1.00. I came home very tired and cold. Slept on the couch for the rest of the afternoon and then watched some TV. I was so cold I put the heat on in addition to a fleece jacket and a blanket! And lap warmer Riley. I finally got warm.

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