Sunday, May 30, 2010


A quiet Sunday spent at home. Resting up from yesterday. I mostly read all day. Currently reading a Jeffrey Deaver novel, "Garden of Beasts". It's OK, I rather like his Lincoln Rhyme mysteries. This one takes place in Nazi Germany. Today I gave Riley a DentaBone to chew. Then I left the room and when I came back he was sitting in my place on the couch. I reached to lift him up onto my lap and he must have thought I was reaching for the DentaBone because he snarled and snapped at me. I yelled and him and threw him off the couch. The thing is, if you weigh 13 1/2 pounds, you have to be really committed to the attack  or you lose. I have to nip this snarling thing in the bud. He has growled at me when we were playing and I assumed it was part of the game, but this was way more intense. 

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