Monday, May 31, 2010


Well, May went out with a bang today - torrential rain for part of the day. This evening cool and dry. Hoping for a better June. Went to Staples for refills for my favorite drawing pen and found colored staples and 60 prismacolor pencils for $23.something. They are so far superior to the various colored pencils I had - mostly bought them for the grandkids when they used to come over. Went to the Kellie's Beads but they were closed. Went to Langley Farm Mkt. and got some apples, cherries and blueberries. For supper I had a chicken burger, bakes potato, baked yam, and steamed broccoli, with fresh cherries for dessert!!!! The potatoes were both small. So it was a really good supper. I think I might have to go to Abbottsford to find the pendant Lea wants for her daughter. I will look at Kellie's Beads tomorrow and then if I can't find anything I might suggest she look there, at Strung Out on Beads. I feel like my life is so rich now - filled with color.

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