Friday, June 25, 2010

All that glitters is not gold

Another day of crap vision and now I have a headache above my eyes. It feels like the vision in my right eye - the not operated on eye - is getting worse. I have more and more difficulty seeing clearly with my right eye - I hope this is just the normal progression of the cataract. Tomorrow is Sal's Memorial Service. Her family wants it to be a celebration of her life - a happy rejoicing for having known her and in their belief that she is now in her Savior's arms. Adam has specifically asked folks not to wear black, but to wear bright colors because Sal loved color. I am going to wear the outfit Judy bought for me to wear to her wedding, even though the dress is black, but the jacket is fuschia and I will wear the beautiful stole Sal knit for me. This is the dressiest outfit I own and I had always thought that I would get a chance to show it to Sal.

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