Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Headless Tiger with One Green Shoe

A good day. I saw Dr. Scott, the doctor who will do my cataract surgery ASAP as it turns out. I see my family doctor on Monday for my pre-op physical, and I go back to Sr. Scott on Monday June 21 for precise measurements for the lenses that will be inserted into my eyes to replace my old worn out ones! Then the request will go to Ridge Meadows Hospital and as soon as they can get me in it will be done. Left eye is worse so it's first. Healing takes AT LEAST a month and the second eye will be done when the first eye is completely healed - I'm thinking 6 weeks to 2 months. The cost is even more than I thought, either $325 per eye or $450 per eye. I will find out which when I see her on the 21st. It depends on what kind of lens is required. I have to have someone stay with me the first night after surgery so will see what I can come up with. Dr. Scott said I will probably need glasses after it's all over because I am so extremely nearsighted and have such severe astigmatism, not to mention reading glasses. Then is sounded like I might only need glasses for reading and driving. One more expense. Of course I have to pay for the lenses before surgery. I have the money for my first eye and will be putting more up on etsy real soon - PLEASE TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO SHOP ETSY FOR GIFTS FOR THEMSELVES AND OTHERS!!!!!!


  1. Hi Mom,

    Whenever you mention your Etsy store, you should provide a link. It's really hard to find right now. Putting a link in the sidebar of your blog would help too.


    I will link to this from Twitter to see if I can send some more traffic your way.



  2. HI Anne, Glad to hear your cataracts are getting resolved. I am writing to tell you that I LOVE my new necklaces that I traded with you. My favorite colours. Thankyou so much!
    Hugs, Chris

  3. Oh Chris, you are so welcome. I can hardly wait to tyr out my new punches. You bring so much to our group! I just love getting to know you.