Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Needles and scissors and spiky things

Used Glaze and Jelly Roll Pens for this one. It came out all spiky and I realized I got a tetanus shot today and Riley finally got his spring haircut. It has been pretty cool for short hair but seems to be warming up now. He looks so cute I could just eat him up!!! I talked to Lea and she suggested I get a universal camera card reader. I called London Drugs to see if they had any and the guy told me I can go to the camera maker site and download the drivers and then be able to connect camera to computer! Yay and a bunch of money saved too. Millie has invited me out to lunch Friday for Mexican food and I am going to help her with an internet project. Yay all around. Tomorrow I get measured for the lens - they use ultrasound to do that. Interesting.

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