Thursday, June 17, 2010

left eye first

My golly this is an expensive surgery - and I am only paying for the lenses to be inserted and the eye drops not covered by Pharmacare. If I lived in the States I would just have to go blind! The lenses are $450 each and the eye drops are $54.34 each eye. I had to put part of the lens on Master Card but paid in part tonight and will pay more tomorrow. That' good anyway. Friends and relatives are all pitching in to help me. And I spoke with Jon today - Sal's son. He sounds like he is doing well all things considered, and will drop over for a visit next week after my surgery. Maybe Riley will let Jon walk him - or we will walk him together. It will be nice to have visitors next week, If I can see to make art or read or watch TV I may just go batty!!!!!

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