Saturday, June 19, 2010

About Spiders & Open Spaces

Fingernail is healing - shards breaking off as they catch on clothing or laundry. Looks like the basic nail might just survive. Today I downloaded all images from camera. Moved my images from the 512 MG thumb drive Judy bought me to the 2 GB thumb drive I recently purchased, and saved all of Lea's images on the 512 MB and all my images on the 2 GB. First I went through my images and threw out the ones I didn't especially like. Rotated the ones I like and cropped a few. Then put them up on facebook. It all took hours, but was great to get it done. Tomorrow I am going to Coquitlam Worship Group with Chris, and then take photos of my new work for etsy. I also got a shower and shampoo and did the laundry today. And walked Riley, of course. He looks so skinny after his haircut. And a good thing too as it is finally getting warm. 

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