Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another day

I am still not seeing well, but beginning to adjust somewhat. I now watch TV with both eyes open unless there is some action I must see clearly - then I close my left eye. But my Right eye seems to be getting more cloudy - I have to stand about a foot from the TV to read the channel listings. I go back to Dr. Scott Friday. I called last Monday with my concern that perhaps the wrong lens had been implanted as I can now read and work on the computer better with my left eye than with my bifocal glass and my right eye. I was supposed to need reading glasses post-op. 

Riley and I are coping with the heat - thank goodness for fans. It really cools off by early morning. 

My fingernail seems to be growing back in - I hope. It looks quite awful now with a great chunk chopped coarsely out of it. And the whole nail is still slightly tender and seems a bit loose. Also my lower back molar - I bit down on a cherry pit a few weeks ago and it has been tender and loose ever since. I was hoping it would just quiet down but now seem to have a gum abcess. It feels like flushing money down the toilet. And I don't think I could ever adjust to dentures - I have such a strong gag reflex, I couldn't even wear a bite splint because it made me vomit. I have despaired ever since my dentist told me to pray because all my crowns have now outlived their life span - I thought crowns were forever. Crap!

Got a little work done on the journal, but something is totally lacking. It is hard to keep working when I don't know what to do to make it work.

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