Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I think I may be seeing a little bit better. I watch TV now with both eyes most of the time. I went to my dentist today because a couple of weeks ago I was eating cherries and accidentally bit down on a cherry pit. Noticed that night the tooth was loose. Waited and hoped it would settle down. After a few days I had a pretty bad gum abcess. Finally bit the bullet financially and went to the dentist today. The tooth involved was a back lower molar. Dentist pulled out the crown to see what was underneath. The root was fractured vertically into three pieces. He got those out and suctioned out the infection. $118 on my credit card!!! That gets added to the $500 for my right eye! I have some of that saved up. If you are reading this Jane Elza THANK YOU AGAIN FOR HELPING. And thanks also go out to Doris and Jennifer and Heather who have all supported me as an artist! I made some cards from my drawings and will offer them for sale at my show at New Creations. Then everything goes on etsy!!!! Jane, I will sendyou some cards as soon as I feel up to walking to the post office! Peace everyone.

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  1. And a big thank you to Laurie too! I can't wait to see you wearing your new beaded bag!