Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another day

another mandala! Yes, folks, it is finished - or at least I only have to add one or two more things! I am loving it. Of course, I usually love my own work. I never understood my students who hated everything they made - why do it?I love the process of making things and I love the things I make - almost always. Lots of pictures of Judy's new home on facebook - it is really about 900 steps up from the last place. It is light and airy and has gigantic closets. It is 162 years old so all those closets must have been small rooms 162 years ago!!! Yay Suzette Fram for selling me 100 clear sleeves for my cards. I got them all done and emailed M.R. News and Times with press release. I just need to make stickers and fold them and sticker them. Almost finished with my current art journal. I might just get another doll or two done before the end of the month! I grudge the time to go to doctors and dentist from my creative time. BUT, after I go to the doctor tomorrow Tammy is going to pick me up and take me to her house with art and we are going to be interviewed by the Bugle! not the New York Times, but still cool! Now, where can I store the Mandala flat where Riley can't get to it??????

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