Friday, July 23, 2010

Another dental crisis averted

Started having pain in my last remaining back molar! Spent un unusual amount of time trying to get into the dentist - and he is leaving tomorrow on vacation! Finally got in late this afternoon. It needed some painful drilling and a filling. It is starting to simmer down now.

Last best book read: "Stones from the River" by Ursula Hegi. Very good and I would like to read other books by her. Now re-reading "The Cat Who Played Post Office" by Lilian Jackson Braun. I like all her cat who books - light, fun, mystery without the blood and gore. And Siamese cats - what more can one ask?

Almost finished with the latest art journal for my show. One more page and the covers to do. I hope to finish tomorrow and still make a few more dolls from recycled stuff. I have two done and I am happy with them, but need to make more. Have to start getting organized with things like making lists of what to put in show and making sure every doll can be hung on wall. Would love to hang beaded dolls from ceiling but not sure possible???? Mandala of Friends is complete - although I keep thinking of things to add - like when I am NOT falling asleep at night.

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