Friday, August 20, 2010

Garden of the Sun

Quiet day at the gallery. A guy came in, maybe on drugs??? Asked for Jack. Told him Jack would be back Tuesday. He said Jack had a photograph of his and he had a buyer for it. I told him I didn't know where it was and he would have to come back to see Jack. He talked about how long it had been since he had anything to eat or a smoke, and asked for a couple of dollars so he could go sit down and have a smoke and a coffee. I wouldn't give him any money so he asked for a tuney! As opposed to a couple of dollars!!!  He finally went away. Later a young mother and child came in wanting to know the price of a painting she could see from the street. It didn't have a price on it so I told her to come back Tuesday when Jack would be there. She loves paintings of trees. I told her she just had to see Jack's blacklight paintings!

Saw Dr. Scott this morning and she said my eyes look good. Said I need to buy some drug store reading glasses early next week and recommended I start at +250 and try reading a magazine, maybe have to go up or down a bit. I see her in October and then get checked off for going to get my new glasses, all being well. I am walking around sans glasses and doing pretty well. I did walk into the hall stand this evening but that's not unusual - to bump into things that are to the side - tables, door frames. 

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