Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grayscale Study 2

Had a kitchen day today - washed dishes, put up 3 quarts blueberries and 2 quarts strawberries in freezer. Already had about 6 quarts blueberries in freezer. Stocking up for winter! Also made Saag. Looked at several recipes and found one with interesting spices and one starting with frozen spinach, which I had. Unfortunately it did not call for pureeing the spinach, which was definitely a mistake. Also, not enough cooking. I think use the frozen spinach and follow the other recipe. Maybe not cook as long - it calls for cooking the spinach for a really long time. It was good though and I have lots of leftovers. I am actually thinking about picking out the chick peas and blending the rest, then adding the chick peas back in! Tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow laundry and starting packing up stuff to give Heather for the thrift store. Also send cards to Judy and Keith and ??? I don't think Jane is back from her trip yet and I don't want to send her her cards until she gets back. Wonder if maybe I can try to spot clean one bad spot on the rug tomorrow too. That would really feel like a major accomplishment!

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