Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update on visit to Dr. Hyams

Today I saw the fibromyalgia specialist and am very optimistic about his plan. First of all he is going to prescribe a pain patch which is to be applied once a week. Second he says that my basic medical plan allows for a few visits to the massage therapist. And he is going to work with my family doctor to arrange for some counseling. And he is going to be able to do injections at the pressure points under my medical BC medical plan. The only thing which will not be covered is the pain patches, which I will have to pay for. It will be $48 a month, which will come out of my grocery money, but if it means I can get back to walking and doing housework it will be well worth tightening the old belt. And I might get lucky with etsy now that my show is down. Nothing ventured nothing gained. And my right hip is feeling pretty good.

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