Tuesday, September 28, 2010

one of us is a rat & partially veiled

 one of us is a rat is my drawing from yesterday, and partially veiled is from today. Yesterday I spent 7 hours on the computer and I have 7 necklaces up on my etsy store and 5 more ready to put up, and 8 more to scan and put up. So diligence and hard work are paying off - well not yet in terms of money!!!! But I sure won't make any money not putting things up on etsy. The secret is in how to get word out to anyone with money to spend who might like my stuff. Yikes my back really hurts today. Tammy took me to get the trigger point injections today. I feel like I am going to wear out her helpfulness, and Laurie's too. It is hard to have so few people to call upon. I really hope Millie gets home soon. I am counting on her to be able to dog sit in October, when I go to Nora's wedding and on a little trip with Laurie and Jacynthe for the autism awards.

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