Saturday, September 11, 2010


This was hard to do as it is so outside of my own style. Nora wants a salmon included in the art for the albums, as Troy caught a salmon and it is to be smoked for the wedding reception. As Troy is Native, I looked at a lot of Native art and tried to take it into my own vernacular. I don't know how well I succeeded.
Last night I went with Chris & Faye to Lea's opening at New Creations. After the opening we went to Faye's for tea. She was lovely enough to show me her studio and some of her art. She is a terrific artist. Now that I am surprised after seeing some of her work already.
Today I went to the Strata Barbecue, and then to another opening at the gallery in Port Coquitlam with Laurie. Nice gallery and some very interesting art. The woman who owns the gallery does awesome birds - one of a crow sitting on a barbed wire fence I would buy if I were rich and had more wall space!!!

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