Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spiral Turkey and the Feathered Dragon

Today I rested mostly. I broke the head off my new toothbrush so when I ran into Diana while I was out walking Riley, and she said she was going to the store, I asked for a ride and took it back and exchanged it. It must have been a defect. I have never broken a toothbrush ever. So while there I bought a few food items. It feels good to pick up a few things and not panic at the beginning of the month and buy too much then have no money for the rest of the month. Of course a day of rest means I have to clean up the kitchen tomorrow. What a mess. The crockpot from yesterday and the casserole dish from the apple crisp. Also need to wash the canner. The cauliflower pickles - NOT watermelon - won't be ready to eat for a week. I am excited to try them. Of course they won't be repeatable exactly because I didn't measure. 

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