Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In the Garden

AKA "Hey Babe, wanna come over to my universe and look at my etchings?"

Baked a Nut Bread for my new neighbor, Pat. She was out all day so I will take it to her tomorrow. It's a slightly sweet quick bread, and I think I will make one for myself next week!!!

Got paid for the beaded bag today and Tammy gave me a ride to the credit union and I deposited the check and made a payment on my Master Card. Yay! Cause this is going to be a hard month for the old credit card. I have to see the dentist when I come back from Seattle, and I have to get glasses. NOT getting glasses is not an option. If I hold my hand out at arm's length, my fingers are blurry. I will have to tell the fibromyalgia specialist that I cannot afford to continue with the patches - it's going to cost about $89 a month and I am not noticing any big difference in pain control. If I go to yet a higher dosage it will just cost more and more. I just don't have the money.

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