Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cleaning house!

My friend Heather is helping me clean house - actually clearing out the tons of stuff in my second bedroom. And I am selling my cutting table to a quilting friend who will actually use it. Next trying to sell my loom and everything that goes with it. I thought I was having massive fibromyalgia pain triggered by working really hard but it may actually be the flu. My physician Friend says it sounds like Influenza A. The good news is that I will get over that! Meanwhile I really do hurt a lot. Unable to sit up and read this afternoon because I hurt so much, so I went to take a nap and I hurt too much to lie down. Actually, I do feel a little bit better tonight. Let me be a warning to you all - get your flu shots!!! I forgot to get mine. Wonder if it's too late? I mean, after I get over this - I wonder if there are other kinds of flu to be protected from? Stay well all. Tea and sympathy to anyone else sick out there.

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