Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a little of this and a little of that

had an interesting thing happen on Saturday. I was going to my Artists' Trading Cards group with friends Chris and Faye, and Chris called to let me know what time she was picking me up, but I was out walking Riley. As I came up the stairs I could hear a man's voice coming from my unit. I rushed in - I had heard the phone ringing - to try to catch the call but too late. Chris called right back - she hung up when she heard a man's voice on my answering machine, and a message that didn't make sense. So after speaking with her I listened to my outgoing message. It was the man who called me up at 11 p.m. to say he was from google and was suing me. This was a silly message about me trying to ruin google. So I have been inert about doing anything. Tomorrow I am hoping my friend Laurie can come over and listen to the message with me - I suspect it might be someone we both know. Then I am going to call the police. I am also going to pull out the instruction manual for the answering machine as I think it is possible to record and outgoing message from another phone using a code. Since I never changed any codes as I never intended to access my answering machine by phone. If not it is someone with keys to my unit - and I know who that is.


  1. That is very curious, oh you are so great at creating an interesting life as well as interesting things with your hands!

  2. Well, this actually feels more like someone invading my personal life and violating me! However my friend came over this evening and confirmed my suspicion as to who is doing this and I am calling the police tomorrow.