Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rudolph the Red Nosed ...WTF... and Friends

In the mood for holiday cheer!!! So here I present to you Rudolph in all his/her red nosed cheerfulness, with an odd assortment of critter friends.

I started reading Vein of Gold, the second book after The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron. So therefor I also started writing morning pages - although I started this afternoon because it took me til then to read that far and find loose leaf notebook paper to write on. For now. In January I want to buy one of those spiral bound notebooks for high school. My only available binder is already falling apart. But I did write 3 pages and the cramping in my hand finally eased up - as in I finally found a position which was less painful.

I quadrupled my intake of Vit. D and am feeling a bit better. I need to feel mostly germ free by Saturday as I am having lunch with my friend Millie. She is off to visit her kids and grands and letting me keep her car while she is away. I do not want to infect her. I actually slept really well last night. I know that reading Vein of Gold before sleep instead of a gripping mystery or intriguing novel is better for my sleep. Today I made presents for Jacynthe and Jasmine, and tomorrow I want to make some Christmas cards and get them sent out.

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