Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the season to be jolly...

I have Millie's car and after not being able to go to sleep until after 5 a.m. Sunday night because I had no books to read I went to the library Monday. Picked up 3 novels from the new releases section, which are due in 7 days. So I feel OK about being a reading glutton! Also on Monday I went over to Laurie's to pick up some things and she showed me some EFT things to do for pain. Oh yeah, I was having unbearable muscle spasms in my back Sunday night from hoisting around the 14 pound turkey! I used a recipe that called for starting it out breast side down and turning it over once it was way too hot to touch! I got it turned over, spilling turkey drippings all over the floor and oven and oven mitts. Riley cleaned up the floor for me - he's good at dropped eggs too, and I roasted the drippings in the oven and I laundered the oven mitts. On Monday I got a load of dishes done and today I did two loads of pots and pans, 3 loads of clothes, two loads of blankets, and a shower and shampoo! And I am 1/2 way through the second book. Life is good. I usually wash all the pots and pans by hand so this is a very exciting revolution! It was all I could do today and especially this evening, not to go out to Save On for ice cream. I might cave tomorrow, although tomorrow is for baking. We'll see.

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